Comfort fit and what that means for you

Comfort fit

When I mention to people that I comfort fit all my rings the first question I get is "What's comfort fit?"  Ok. let me just insert a little side bar into my brain.  I place a HUGE value on comfort.  As often as I possibly can,  I'm comfortable.  That means comfy socks, cozy blankets, soft clothes.  It's my fashion prediction that in the future we'll all feel like we're walking around on clouds.  (Or, that's my wish anyway!!)  Ok, back to the subject at hand.  Comfort fit.  It makes wearing rings so much more enjoyable.  Many non jewelry wearing men's eyes light up when I tell them that it will make wearing a wedding ring that much more enjoyable.  Truth is, it goes for all rings.  It's a small thing with huge rewards.  Are you ready for the big secret?

The inside of the band is curved so that it wont dig into the wearer's finger.  That's it. 

Maybe because something that looks so insignificant can make such a huge difference. Here's the tool I use and I LOVE it.  I have no idea why I love it as much as I do.  I like the way it carves metal, and it's sharpness.  It's kinda beautiful isn't it? 

I have no idea what this tool is actually called but it's amazing.  

So next time you're trying to convince your man (or woman) they should wear more rings consider that I make ALL rings this way.  Take a look at yours and if it's not fit this way, think about bringing it to me for alteration! Now, go put on some comfy socks or curl up with a nice soft blanket!



Wishing I was wearing comfy socks. 

It's friday, I'm going to go make one of these.... Yum!  

White peach maple soda courtesy of Quitokeeto