Isis necklace


Isis was an Egyptian goddess and was worshipped as the mother of nature and magic. She was known to be a friend to artisans, sinners, and the downtrodden.   This statement makes me laugh.  I found this description on Wikipedia and the fact that artisans are grouped with sinners and downtrodden.... Well!  

 This was a custom piece where the owner had been given a stone by one of her healers and wanted to make it into something that would be wearable everyday.    The stone is Jade and throughout the world is thought to carry a sweet, light, nourishing energy. It's also been revered for it's ability to help clear your energy field. She named the piece and I think it's very fitting, don't you?

Here's a few of the things that I had to take into consideration when making this piece.   

* Do I cover the back piece or make the pendant so that the back of the stone can be near her skin?  

I really thought about the purpose of the piece and knew that it would mean a lot of it was able to lay near to her heart.  

* Do I fabricate something from sheet metal or carve a wax?

A wax carving, so that I can shape the wax to the gentle curves of the stone and still allow for the Jade to spin.  

* What's the overall theme and should I include other stones?  

The theme should be a shape that is powerful and feels like it will release magic and healing.  I chose to accent the piece with a clear raw diamond since they have been used to detect and detoxify poison, open channels of spirituality and assist in calming.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


Jade. Bronze. Raw Diamond, Sterling Silver Chain.  

Kind of obsessing over this pic of frozen waterfalls.  

Listening to: A Dragon Fly in the City by Sun Glitters

On the docket for craft night.  A great way to liven up those boring pillows of mine.  This 3-D embroidery technique would also be a great road trip project!