The Southern Cross


It is April and Jess is getting ready to graduate from the University of Georgia .  Meanwhile, as she finishes finals, I have the honor of working with her parents Andy and Sandee on a graduation gift. 

Jess has spent time in Africa and it’s as if part of her soul will always be called back there.  She’s been inspired by the country, captivated by the people and determined to make an impact.

Sandee and I have a few conversations about what she’d like this piece to represent.  What would be a piece that would “speak of” Jess? 

There’s a constellation that can be seen overhead by citizens and travelers alike, it’s known as The Southern cross.  The stars and their relationship to the continent will serve as the overall theme of the piece.  Andy and Sandee like the idea of keeping it to scale, as if you’d be using the sky to navigate. We chose an accent of white druzy quartz, in order to echo the stars.  It will sit above and serve as the support as the continent gently sways below. 

Finally, one last little design detail.  There’s a Celtic knot that Andy mentions has always reminded him of his daughter, it’s known as the wisdom knot.  He’d like that included to serve as a reminder of their connection. 

Here’s a picture of the final piece.  Sterling silver, druzy quartz and a whole lot of thought and intention. 


Projects like these make my heart swell.  It’s a joy to help people honor their connections to this world.  Jewelry can be so much more than just an adornment.  It can be something we wear close to our hearts, to remind us of where we’ve been and where we want to go, and all along the way remember that we are known as “wise.”  Thank you Andy and Sandee for such a beautiful project.  Happy graduation Jess!