The North Lot

Years ago, he took her to Red Rocks with the intention of a romantic picnic and a killer view of the city.  Mother nature didn't necessarily agree with his plan though. As the rain came down, he lit a few candles on the dashboard and they had a few snacks.  His car was sporty and while good for fast speeds, the bucket seats didn't necessarily lend well for important eye to eye conversations.  

Instead of postponing the burning question for maybe a better weather day or different circumstance, he went ahead and asked.  She said "Yes" and wanted a hand in designing the ring.  While not realizing that this new ring would be a new chance to re-propose he gave it to her without much circumstance.  

Many years and two kids later the original ring didn't make as much sense.  Tanzanite was still her favorite stone but the prongs weren't kid friendly and the size was all wrong now.  Behold!  A chance to do things over!  

This anniversary, a topographic map of where it all started.  Still utilizing tanzanite, now sitting directly atop a topographic map of The North Lot at Red Rocks.  A more fitting size, kid friendly design and white gold. 

Makes me wonder, where are the special places that you want to commemorate?