For The Women of Adam and Sara's Big Day

Did you read the inspiring story of Adam and Sara already?  If not, head on over to that blog post to see what this couple is all about.  

With 6 beautiful bridesmaids, a bride who wanted something special for her 'day of' earrings, and a stunning Mother of the bride I had my work cut out for me!  We wanted pieces that would be simple enough that they could be worn daily not to mention special events.  Pieces that were cohesive and pretty without detracting from all the other goodness going on.  

Sara wanted something fairly dramatic but still feminine.  We accomplished this with big pieces, 4.5" overall.  Comprised of dainty handmade chains of pearl, Swarovski crystal, and raw diamonds they played well off the beaded details of her dress and veil. 

Detailing of Sara's earrings.  Pearls, Swarovski, and diamond

So, For the bridesmaids.   6 sets of wire wrapped hoops with thin wire weaving and tiny grey diamond beads.  They played well off the ombre grey dresses that they wore and sterling silver to match their shoes. I mean, look at this bunch... they're gorgeous. Inside and out! 

Sandra, an elegant and strong woman who likes bold pieces and runs Jazz at Jacks in Denver.  She knows good music when she hears it and isn't a woman to brush off.  She was to wear navy for the wedding so we chose to make her earrings a little larger version of the bridesmaids.  Woven silver wire wrapped hoops with tiny diamond beaded accents and, to play off of her dress and Adam's ring, sapphire drop accents.  

Special thanks to Elevate Photography for the 'day of' shots of this beautiful group of ladies.  Check out their work here.