Sarah and Troy wedding band rework.

In the wedding world there's a lot of simple men's bands out there. I often hear from guys who wish that there would have been more interesting jewelry choices for them when they got married. When they didn't find anything they ended up choosing something simple because it worked at the time.  If you or your partner are in this boat there are lots of ways that we can re work these.  Here's a great example of a couple that wanted a re-do.  But first, get a little glimpse into their story because it's one of my favorites, such amazing spontaneity!

They decided to head to the airport to hop a plane to work on their relationship, no luggage, no plane tickets, no plan.  They ended up first class on their way to Turks and Caicos. With help from a friendly flight attendant they figured out the best beach to go to.  They spent their time in the clothes they had on their backs and swim suits, snorkeling in crystal clear waters and getting married!  

The original ring was bought at duty free and not only did it not fit their style, but it was two sizes too big and a pretty thin.  We can do better!

Getting to work, I added metal so that it had a bigger presence and it actually fit him. Then, once that step was complete and it was comfort fit I worked away at adding texture to the outside. Using a chisel and texturing wheel I gave it a little more masculine dimension and interest.  A rhodium plating made it darker and more fitting of his style and Finally, a black diamond set on the inside. A secret little piece to tie their rings together but so that only they knows it's there.  (Ok, well now you know too.... )


Step by step this piece transformed, from a plain band into something really fitting of such a unique and beautiful couple.  

Congratulations Sarah and Troy! I wish you all the happiness the world has to offer.