Why Should I Shop Small Businesses?


Sure, you've heard the terms "shop local" and "support small business" but what does that actually mean?  Your choices help to shape the world that we live in, so how can you know that you're making the best ones? 

Why shop small?

1. It's helps to keep our communities unique!

One of a kind businesses help to enrich our lives with unique experiences and one of a kind happenings.  You know that great little restaurant down the street, or that coffee shop that makes the most delicious macchiato?  Yep, small business and I know I love what they bring to the table.  Let's make sure they stay open!

2. More money stays in our communities. 

Studies have shown that $45 of every $100 spent at a small business stays in the local community.  While only $13 from a national chain store will be spent in the local economy.  That means more money staying in the US and supporting our economy!

3  You're allowing someone to follow their dreams.

It's true and for that, I am so grateful!

4. . You get to know the person who makes your pieces. 

One of the parts that I love, is being able to meet so many people on so many unique and interesting paths.  Whether it's a christmas present, an engagement ring, or or birthing gift, i love to learn your stories and would love to share some of mine. 

5. You get to have a hand in personalizing your pieces or your gifts!

Does it get better (or easier!) to get a one of a kind gift?! All you have to do is answer a few questions about your loved one.  Then, sit back while I create a piece based on your budget, your thoughts or memories, and you get all the credit! Talk about scoring points! Contact me to get your started!


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