About Kate, Jewelry Designer & Owner of Arcatus Jewelry

I always knew that I keenly sensed the world around me, but as I matured, I recognized that in me this manifests as an intrinsic emotional response to the way the world and design FEELS. I try to stir your senses and give you the opportunity to feel that you are expressing your true self. Innovation and application are just as important to me as the technical skill necessary to the creative process.  My inspirations range from architecture and stone encountered during my travels to the curves of a root winding across a path in the mountains.  I'd like to know you and your story as much as I want to you to know me and mine.

So far, I know this about you -  you like fashion and you care about design. You are particular about the way something fits and know that combining it with other pieces in your wardrobe creates a sort of synergy.  You know that the way a ring feels can make your day and its story can connect you to a loved one or remind you of a piece of your history. 

We believe that you support the world that you WANT to live in by your purchases. By purchasing pieces from Arcatus you are saying yes to a world where you know the story about where your piece came from, the inspiration behind it and you are allowing people the opportunity to follow their passions.  Welcome to our world.