This piece was a gift from a loving husband named Brett to his wife Alexis. Originally, he was toying with something simple from a store but was persuaded by a previous customer and friend (Thank you Leah!) to go with something with a little more symbolism and depth. On that note, we started our discovery process. As he told me about their family, first adjectives to describe Alexis's style were edgy, preppy, contemporary. A broad field for sure, but the beginnings of a personal style began to surface as we dug in. Making up the other half of their 4 are two twin girls, Mae and Vale who were born in June.

It was while sitting at candlelit cafe in Panama City dreaming of the symbolism we could incorporate into this piece that I started to research various ways which twins have been denoted in cultures around the world. Though a little formal, I settled on the way that twins are denoted in a family tree. This would serve as the root of the piece and these two squares would be represented by diamonds.


Alexandrite while also their birthstone is an intriguing choice for twins as it is known to be color changing. Dark purple in some light, a steely forest green in others. This felt fitting as the center point of the piece. In playing with the other lines on the piece I started with the idea to make one linear so as to be symbolic of the way that Vale's brain seems to be developing. She's spunky and outgoing, up for any adventure and doesn't demonstrate fear. A softer curved line would represent the way that Mae's brain works, artistic, flowing and perhaps more abstract.


It wasn't until the design process was well under way that someone pointed out the prominent M and V. While entirely not part of the original plan, somethings without forcing them, just appear.