To create a piece which captures the essence of a moment is always an interesting journey.  It often feels like trying to convince your vision to pierce the surface of a pool of water.  Some days you may look repeatedly and be met with simply a reflection. Perhaps today it is of the sky. Tomorrow, a simple scattering of light, something reminiscent of an impressionist painting.  A day will come though when it's ready to make it entrance and it is as if you've put on a new pair of glasses and are viewing that same water through a new lens.  This one somehow helps the piece in starting it's ascent to surface.  Some times this takes days, sometimes weeks.  When it does, it's one of the most satisfying emotions to feel, like it just IS.  Always a good reminder that sometimes trying too hard does not reap reward.  

When I was contacted about this concept and was able to connect with Sara about designing a piece for you, the elements started to marinate.  You were described as someone who was feminine and yet edgy, at home near the water, happiest in tropical environments, an admirer of Frida Kahlo.  It stands to point out that this conversation just so happened to take place in a cab, on the way to an airport, en route to Mexico City.  At the top of our list of things to do?  To visit Frida's home and experience the same space and light that she did.  We were met with bright blue walls, dappled sunshine, and a riot of fresh flowers. 

My hope was to find the inspiration for this piece within those walls.  As we walked through rooms of her garments, her stories and artwork, standing solitary in a case was a piece that she wore.  A small silver bracelet engraved with a pattern, nothing dramatic or pretentious.  Simple and lovely.  This is where the engraving on the sides of your piece came from.  A reminder to stay inspired and strong. 

A morganite crystal takes the center and is known for it's ability to stimulates creativity.  Assisting one to act from love and bringing wisdom and calmness to the mind.  I implore you to look closely.  You'll notice a thin band of silver which runs through the middle.  An intentional division meant to be symbolic of a specific moment in time. Some may call this a silver lining, you may call it what you will.  To remind you that things are just as beautiful in the past as they will be to come.

In this moment, respected and admired by these people, there is a big beautiful expanse in front of you.  This piece meant to mark your transition and your impact.  White gold because these moments have indeed been precious.