Adam and Sarah

On August 8th 2015 Adam and Sarah said "I do" in one of the most heartfelt and genuine ceremonies I've been able to witness.  This pair is more than just a couple.  They are partners who are lucky enough to have found each other.  To simply be next to them is to know what love feels like.  They understand how to love and support one another and resonate with the same energy.  

With an engagement that took place in Italy, their wedding would be a tough act to follow.  Without a doubt though, they succeeded. The ceremony took place on a mountain top near Lyons, Colorado on a beautiful summer day with distant views of Longs Peak and captivating clouds.  

All details were accounted for and they even made their own Limoncello!  Peeling 200 lemons so that they might be able to share their love of Italian culture with their 100+ guests! 

For Sarah's ring we utilized an inherited heart shaped diamond.  The goal of her piece was to make it sentimental yet modern and so we offset the heart from the band so that it would perfectly snuggle up into her engagement ring.  This would allow us to show some of the beautiful detail work that was present on the engagement ring while also elongating and accentuating the engagement diamond.  This was one of those pieces that just worked.  From the way the heart sits slightly below the height of the original stone,  to the placement of the prongs.  You could say it's like a symbol of these two as a couple.  Neither detracts from one another, they compliment each other impeccably. 

For Adam's ring we went with a Damascus steel band and personalized it with a beautiful blue sapphire.  The steel is reminiscent of wood grain with both light and dark tones.  The sapphire a blue that's dark and speaks of masculinity yet is still light enough to peer into it's depths.  

It's with heartfelt congratulations that I wish the both of you a life filled with Love, Adventure, and a never ending supply of Joy.  

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Big thanks to Elevate Photography for the use of their wonderful work.  Check them out here.