10 Things.

10 Things. 

Sometimes my mind feels like it's moving so fast that I have a hard time keeping my fingers moving to get out all the idea I have.  I'm constantly inspired by everyday life.  Maybe it's going to the post office and seeing a unique pattern in brick, or maybe the shape of a tree branch, or a unique combination of color in a garden.  i love making jewelry because it's one way to share that with the world but I've decided to start a new ritual so that I can share more of that inspiration with you.  At least once a month I'll be posting a 10 things blog where you'll get to see what I'm loving and inspired by. Think of it like a treasure hunt.  My hope is that you'll find something that inspires you introduces you to something new. 

Reading Lots of candles, plenty of cake.  She has such a great perspective on life as a woman and what it means to age.   

The wonderful dark fascinating work of Luis Gonzalez Palma.  Namely this one. 

The trifecta of design in one place. Yojiro Oshima's sculpted 100% wooden bike. Art, function, design.  

I'm re-watching Elizabeth Gilbert's TED talk.  If you recognize yourself as being even a little creative it is SO worth your time! 

I can forsee this little app saving me a lot of trouble when I'm traveling.  I always forget to research the correct tipping amount in new places? 

Dreaming of each piece over at Marika Vera.  Unique, classy and super romantic.

Swooning over Needleheadcrafts amazing beaded moccasins for kids on etsy. Why oh why don't they come in adult sizes?

Listening to Dustin O'Halloran who's dreamy piano works makes me feel as if I'm floating.  

Color Scheme, Theme, Feelings.  Head on over to The Poetry of Material Things to see what I mean.   

Dreaming of Opals and the Moon the past few nights.  Watch out for new pieces involving both.


Leave a comment below and share with me some of your latest loves?  I'd love for this to be a conversation!