Stephanie and John

I met Stephanie first on one of Cheryl Deer's yoga retreats at Mt Princeton hot springs.  It was a challenging and emotional few days for many who were in attendance. A time to confront ourselves but also a time to find the light. Cheryl has this way about her, she can be silly and make us (those of us who are often too serious) giggle.  She can push your edges in the sweetest lightest of ways. and for many, that weekend was a huge reintroduction to what the emotion of gratitude feels like.  I'll speak for myself here, that weekend cracked me right open,  but I say that knowing that I am not the only one. I've found that the people who you meet in those moments are the people with whom deep connections are formed.  

Stephanie and I first started talking about the basics of life, who we were, what we did, in the kind of way where you're feeling introspective and not sure that you want to step outside of that yet for someone you don't quite know.  We were on a yoga retreat after all, working through our own things. But to be near Stephanie is to know a kind, shining, gentle spirit.  We talked briefly about her ideas for a rework and for one reason or another it took us a while to connect on this project.  ...But when we did!!  

The original ring looked just like her mother's except that where there lived sapphires, her Mom's held rubies.  A traditional take on the wedding band.  Let's be clear, no judgements there.  It was just that as time went on, (12 years to be exact) Stephanie's tastes had changed.  12 years later it was time to reinvent her ring. This time with more of "her" in it,  more story, more personality.  Here's what we started with. 


The symbolism in this piece is vast and expansive.  Though the original design was inspired by a vintage ring, there are no accidents here. We considered every angle and created meaning behind each and every design element.  

*  We chose to re-use the original diamond in it's original platinum setting and we built the ring around it.  That way, part of the metal that was there in the beginning and that bore witness to their vows would remain. 

*  12 diamonds represent their 12 years of marriage and a turning point in their relationship.  This halo around the original diamond would also serve as the "wedding band" since the intention was to create just one. 

*  4 sapphires pay homage to the original ring, but a new shaped stone, for a new future. 

*  A flat almost modern shank would act as companion to John's wide, simple, pipe fit band.

*  Finally, an engraving on the inside.  The rhythm to The First Circle by Pat Metheny.. (click to watch the youtube video)  An echo on the innermost portion of hers that is the mate to the one engraved on the inside of his.  

Arcatus Jewelry- Stephanie and John
It gives me an immense sense of peace - like I am completely full (or whole maybe) and could never want for anything more. Maybe that sounds strange but it is a very clear sensation
— Stephanie White