Meet My Studio Mate

The beast.

Some days I love the fact that I get to work all by myself.  I can have whatever I want playing on the radio.  Maybe one of my favorite podcasts like 99% invisible which takes into account all the subtleties of everyday life. I mean do you know the story of jaywalking or rebar? Fascinating stuff.

Then there's days when maybe I just want to play a song on repeat until I'm officially, completely sick of it (everyday).  I like that I answer to myself but sometimes that can be pretty challenging.  Ever have those days when you just don't want to do pricing.  Ok, that's everyday for me, but you know, somedays you'd just rather be out playing!!  Well, now I have someone that helps be accountable.  He's our dog and we're his people.  I sometimes sit and think about how lucky we are to have this relationship with animals. 

This little guy came into our world and I have to say that I'm so grateful.  He keeps me company in the studio and on track so those days that I make excuses... He's teaching me lessons like stop and smell the flowers, or when you're frustrated, get up and walk it off!  

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Nidra.  He's a Native American Indian dog and part 80's rocker.  We rescued him after he was abandoned at a boarding facility in Kansas.  He's my new best friend and he's amazing.  So when you see those pics on instagram or Facebook, now you know who you're looking at,.  Or maybe you're not familiar with my pages there.  Head on over and give them a follow or a like to see lots more goodness that doesn't always make it's way to the blog.

 It's the subtleties of relationship, be that human or animal that makes life interesting.  I believe that the same can be said about jewelry.  It's the details that captivate and imbue life with much more soul.

Share with me the things that make you feel that way?