The Regal Ring

The Regal Ring

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Here's the story of the Regal Ring. 

It’s a cloudy day and I’m working in my grey studio sitting on my fur with the sounds of filing softly filling the air when I get a text of a beautiful turquoise stone.  “I bought this because I loved the markings.  Can you make something with it?”  Like honey on my tongue, how I love those words.  Custom pieces are my very favorite.  I love to think about the person, their style, their aesthetic.  What color metal would look the best with the stone and still compliment their skin tone?

Here’s some of my original thoughts.  

* Something structured and a statement.      

* She’s not afraid to wear big, bold pieces.

* Silver.  It’s a good forever metal that still has great luster and will show off the stone.

* Loving the rawness of turquoise with the elegance of a few diamonds.

* Deliberate carvings      

* Knuckle to knuckle sizing.     

* Aesthetics AND comfort.

I took my first wax carving class about 6 months ago because it felt like something was missing.  I was just having trouble getting things as 3-D as I wanted them to be. I have some experience in wood carving and it’s not too far from that so it was a pretty natural progression.  This was a first real piece that would be made using this technique.  I’m smitten, I turn on a book on tape and the process is all very relaxing and quiet.  Quiet, how I love thee.  (I’m the type who refuses to dry my hair because I hate the noise.)  

The Regal Ring

The Regal Ring

Then the best part, when I get to see someone reaction to their piece.  My eyes got all teary as I watched hers do the same and she told me that if she could be represented as a ring this would be it.  This is one of the pieces so far that I’m the most proud of and it means so much that it went to a great home.  Check her (Antonia- nutritionist and all around wise woman here.

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