What is my ring size?


The first thing you need to know when you're looking to buy a new piece of jewelry is what size jewelry you wear.  You wouldn't go into a store for a dress and just take a wild guess.  Same goes for jewelry, you need to know what size you're looking for.  This goes for necklaces and bracelets but most especially for rings.  One size difference either way can make a world of difference in your comfort level.  So, there's a few things you need to know when looking (especially if you'll be ordering online!) 

Help, I have no idea what my ring size is! There is a ton of information on the internet about how to determine your size.  So, I recommend trying two methods to make sure that your totals add up.  First off, if you have a ring you already like head over here and use their handy tool.  Then come back here and do the following exercise.  

1. Cut a strip of paper (not wider than 3/4" and at least 4").  String works too folks, or yarn, or ribbon... you get the point. 

2. Wrap that around the base of the finger to be sized.  You may also want to measure around your center knuckle if you have a big difference like I do. Your ring has to fit over that so make sure you account for that!

3. Mark with a pen where the two ends meet each other. 

4.  Measure the distance from one end to another and compare to the following chart.   If it falls in the middle of two sizes, yep you guessed it, you're a half size.  

                           Length           Size

Intersection ring.  14K gold with raw diamonds

                           1 13/16"              4

                           1 15/16"              5

                           2 1/16"              6

                           2 3/16"             7

                           2 5/15"             8

                           2 7/15"             9

                           2 9/16"            10

5. If all else fails, go see a jeweler!! Among other things, that's what we are here for.  We have actual tools for this stuff and can answer questions to help you make sure you get the proper size for you. 

 Sizes change  Here's a few things you may want to take into account. Your fingers change size.  If the weather is cold your fingers will probably shrink.  Equally, if it's hot they tend to swell.  Exercise and hydration can also play a big part here.

Shape Matters.  Depending on the shape of the piece you may need to alter your sizing a bit.  Thin bands are easy to get over knuckles while thick bands need a little extra love, and room.  If you think about your finger they aren't completely round so don't discount rings with differing shapes.  Square, triangle etc can be just as comfortable as a circle. I like to comfort fit all my rings so they are extra easy to wear but not everyone does, so pay attention. 

 Sizes are not universal.  They vary from country to country so it's nice to know the sizes that work for you before you head out on that amazing trip you have planned.  What better gift to get yourself as a reminder of your travels?  It's usually small, you'll see it often when you wear it at home, AND you get to wear it on your body.  I like to have my rings engraved with the places I bought them so even as I age I'll be able to remember where I bought them  Here's a little guide to help you convert your size to international ones.