Family jewelry can be tricky.  There are people who absolutely love the idea of birthstones and initials and then, there are those who don't.  The trick with this piece was to find a balance of both. This piece was intended to be a "push" present so we wanted something that could commemorate that new life, while bringing together the idea of family as a whole.  

This Dad had a brilliant idea, a way in which to use all the family's initials to create something less in your face.  The musical symbol for BASS.  Becks (The older brother), A (as yet to be named), Scott (Dad), and Sarah (Mom.) A unique and different way to combine them all.   I wasn't privy to the name until the day he was born but I got to be the only one that knew it started with an A.

For those days that Mom isn't feeling particularly like wearing her family on the outside, she can reverse the piece so that they sit close to her heart.  With 4 Diamonds on the reverse side it's a more subtle reminder.

Who doesn't like a piece that can be worn more than one way?  Two pieces in one is a win-win.  And on that note, welcome to the world beautiful Adler Walker!



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Happy Little Children.

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